Commands & Permissions

The commands are split into two categories: admin and player commands.

Player commands

These commands are designed to be used by all players on the server. Each of them has a separate permission in case you want to turn some of them off. Command: /season Permission: realisticseasons.getinfo Displays the current season, date, days until next season, active events and air temperature to the user. This information can also be displayed using PlaceholderAPI on a scoreboard for example. Command: /toggleseasoncolors Permission: realisticseasons.toggleseasons Toggles the season colours (trees, grass, water, sky etc) for the player running the command only. Some users may have a resourcepack conflicting with the colours or they simply prefer playing without them. Players with season colours disabled will just see the normal vanilla biomes and all other players on the server will continue to see the season colours. Command: /toggletemperature Permission: realisticseasons.toggletemperature, realisticseasons.toggletemperature.others Disables the temperature system for the player running the command only. Please note that this will also disable the consequences of having a bad temperature, giving the player a small advantage. Only give users access to this command if you do not care about this.

Command: /toggleseasonparticles Permission: realisticseasons.toggleparticles Disables all season particles for the player running the command only. Season particles look weird with some shaders and this toggle will solve the problem.

Command: /togglefahrenheit Permission: realisticseasons.togglefahrenheit Toggles the player's temperature between Fahrenheit and Celcius on the actionbar and on placeholders. This is a personal setting.

Command: /currentbiome Permission: realisticseasons.getbiome Displays current biome. Useful since biomes are hidden in f3 when using RealisticSeasons

Admin commands

These commands should only be accessible to the admin(s)/owner(s) of the server. There is only one permission needed for all admin commands Permission: realisticseasons.admin Commands: /rs set <spring/summer/fall/winter> Change the current season in the world the player is in. Also changes the date of the world to the first day of the season. /rs setdate <dd/mm/yyyy> Change the date of the world the player is in. If the date falls on a different season it will also switch seasons. The format used in this command switches to<mm/dd/yyyy> if you select this format in the calendar.yml. /rs install <generator> Install biome configuration files for supported custom world generators. Terralith 2.0 is currently the only option. Biome files can also be created manually by the user for any world generator you want, see custom biome configuration. /rs nextseason Simply skips to the next season, in a similar way as /rs set. /rs disable Disable seasons in this world. All worlds have seasons disabled by default. /rs restoreworld Reverts all changes the plugin has made to this world. This process will take a while since it can only change loaded chunks. There is no "progress" since the plugin does not save what it has changed/checked. Remove the plugin from the server when you feel like your world is normal again or stop the restore process by doing /rs disable. /rs temperature toggle Toggles the temperature system on or off in the world you are currently in. This command can also be used in worlds without seasons, the nether or the end. Temperature is disabled by default in the nether and the end. /rs temperature modify <player> <temperature-change> <duration> Temporarily change the temperature of a player. The temperature change adds/subtracts from the current temperature of the player. This command can be very useful if you want another plugin on your server to interact with a player's temperature. /rs temperature clear <player> Remove all temporary temperature effects that the specified player has. Only includes those that were applied with /rs temperature modify. /rs pausetime Pause time in the current world. RealisticSeasons overrides the vanilla gamerule doDayLightCycle and this command is an alternative to it. /rs getinfo Exactly the same functionality as the player command /season.

/rs reload Reload all RealisticSeasons files, except the biome files. Biome files can't be reloaded while the server is running, it will require a full restart. /rs help Shows a list of all commands with a short explanation.

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