I installed RealisticSeasons but nothing seems to work. Why isn't it working? Seasons are disabled in all worlds by default, run /rs set <season>. This will enable seasons, the calendar and temperature in your world. The season cycle will also start.

Will RealisticSeasons remove the snow and ice in my snowy biomes? No, it will never remove any naturally generated snow and ice.

I want one season to take x amount of real-life days. Is this possible? Yes, set "calendar-is-real-life-days" to true in the calendar.yml and change the months to how many real-life days you want them to take.

Birch and spruce leaves aren't changing colours. Why is this happening? The colours of birch and spruce leaves can't be changed by biomes. The colour is hard-coded into the client, they're impossible to change.

Temperature doesn't work in the nether and end, how do I fix this? Go to both the nether and end and run /rs temperature toggle

Does RealisticSeasons support x world generator? RealisticSeasons supports all world generators, see custom biome configuration for details. Terralith works the best.

Does RealisticSeasons mess with the biomes on my server? No, RealisticSeasons never changes a single biome, it is all client-side through packets. This means that biomes may look like they've changed but they actually haven't. All vanilla and plugin mechanics work like normal. Check out Biome colours for more details.

My server has multiple worlds, will this work with RealisticSeasons? Yes, seasons are world-based. This means that seasons can be toggled on and off separately for each world using /rs set <season>. Seasons are disabled in all worlds by default. Check out synchronizing if you want the calendar and seasons to be the same in all worlds.

Will my (large) server lag when using RealisticSeasons? No, RealisticSeasons changes your world very slowly making sure it never lags. A short lag spike may occur on larger servers the moment the season changes but that's it. If your server is running on minimum hardware consider increasing delay-per-operation in the config.yml. It will improve performance significantly.

Snow and ice are melting too slow for me, how can I speed this up? Reducing delay-per-operation in the config.yml will speed up all processes of the plugin. Most servers should be able to handle the lowest value, 1.

I want the calendar system to use the date and time of the real world, is that possible? Yes, check out synchronizing for details. The season will also be the same as in real-life.

Does the temperature system support Fahrenheit? Yes, here is explained how to set it to Fahrenheit.

Can the temperature system be disabled? Yes, simply set enabled to false in the temperature.yml. The seasons and calendar will keep functioning like normal.

Is RealisticSeasons compatible with MythicMobs? Yes, RealisticSeasons even adds an extra condition for seasons to MythicMobs. More information here.

I want to ask another question about the plugin, where can I do this? You can ask your question on the Discord server here.

My system language is Turkish and the plugin generates errors on startup. How do I fix this? Add the following line to your startup command: -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=EN

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