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The days are becoming longer and the sun is very strong. The world is slowly turning into a big jungle. Animals normally only found in the jungle will now be everywhere. The trees have vibrant green colours similar to jungle leaves and the sky and water become light blue. Crops are also growing extremely fast and temperatures skyrocket. Make sure to take some extra water with you to conquer the heat.

Quick summary

  • Summer starts on June 4th by default, see calendar system
  • Trees and grass in most biomes have a vibrant green colour similar to jungle leaves
  • Cold biomes (snowy plains, taiga etc) have the grass colour of plains
  • Hot biomes (desert, savanna) look a bit dry
  • The colour of the water and sky is light blue
  • Shooting stars can be seen at night
  • Fireflies will spawn at night
  • Flowers placed in spring are removed
  • Leaves fall out of the trees
  • Patches of berry bushes spawn everywhere
  • Rain is very rare
  • Animals that normally spawn in the jungle can now spawn everywhere
  • Crops/plants without a block somewhere above them will grow 2x as fast
  • Days will be long (around 13 min) and nights will be short (7 min), see day and night length
  • Husks will spawn instead of zombies
  • Average temperature will be between 25°C-40°C, depending on the biome