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Season animals (see season pages) will be spawned randomly throughout the seasons and multiple spawns can happen in the same place over time. The plugin spawns again if it detects there are not enough season animals in the area. Most animals spawn alone except cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, wolves, parrots, rabbits and bees. Look at the feature summary on the season pages for a full list of what animals spawn each season.
After the season ends these animals will automatically despawn. Players can stop animals from despawning by breeding, feeding, nametagging or taming them. Bees will also not despawn if they're given a beehive. These mechanics make sure entire farms can't despawn after the season ends. The season animals also have a special invisible tag so they can be distinguished from vanilla entities. This means that vanilla generated entities will never be despawned by the plugin.
Some animals behave differently than their normal vanilla variant. Wolves, foxes and ocelots for example aren't aggressive towards other animals. They have a chance of spawning inside a player's farm and they could kill everything. Snowmen spawn without a pumpkin on their head (see screenshots on winter page) and they are passive towards mobs. This prevents huge fights from breaking out at night resulting in a landscape full of craters by creepers.