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Spring is by far the easiest season and it will give your world an alive and warm feeling. The trees get a beautiful colour, the water and sky will get a warm colour, the entire world will be flooded with flowers and baby animals can be found around every corner. Spring gives your world a special feeling, especially after a long and cold winter.

Quick summary

  • Spring starts on March 4th by default, see calendar system.
  • Leaves in forests will turn pink and water will have a slight light-blue tint.
  • The sky has a light-blue colour
  • Flowers can be found everywhere, the entire world will look like a flower forest
  • Snow and ice generated in winter will be removed
  • Lots of sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens will spawn each with 3-5 babies
  • ​Fireflies will spawn at night
  • Increased spawn rate of bee's
  • Average temperature of 5°C-23°C, depending on the biome.
  • Length of the day and night are mostly equal, see day and night length.


The effects of spring are (like all seasons) different in each biome. The jungle leaves in a jungle biome will keep their normal colour for example. Some biomes also don't get any flowers and only get some colour changes. The average temperature is different in each biome, a desert will obviously be much warmer in spring than a frozen tundra.