Download: here Lands is a land-claim plugin and RealisticSeasons adds extra flags you can toggle uniquely for each claimed area. RealisticSeasons generates a new file called lands.yml if the plugin is detected:

#Configuration file for integration with the plugin Lands
#List of flag-targets: ADMIN, PLAYER and SYSTEM. They configure who is able to toggle the flags.
      flag-target: ADMIN
      name: 'Seasons'
      description: 'Should the area have seasons?'
      item: 'BARRIER'
      flag-target: ADMIN
      name: 'Seasonal block changes'
      description: 'Should the area have seasonal block changes?'
      item: 'SNOW'
      flag-target: ADMIN
      name: 'Seasonal mobs'
      description: 'Should the area have seasonal mob spawns?'
      item: 'EGG'
      flag-target: ADMIN
      temperature: 25
      name: 'Temperature enabled'
      description: 'Should the area have temperature? Disabling this flag will make the displayed temperature constant.'
      item: 'LAVA_BUCKET'

It is recommended to add these 4 flags to the default natural flags in the config.yml of Lands

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