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ItemsAdder is technically not a soft-dependency since RealisticSeasons doesn't hook into it. You can however easily configure the temperature effect of ItemsAdder's items. Special thanks to Raccoon from the Aiena Mc Project for writing this page!

To add a temperature modifier to itemsadder armor or items, enter the corresponding item in the temperature config. You can find the custom model data for Itemsadder items and armor in the plugin directory under


Now open the "items_ids_case.yml" config and select your item Example:

  itemsadder:ruby_chest: 10000
  itemsadder:spinel_chest: 10001
  itemsadder:turquoise_chest: 10002
  itemsadder:aqua_chest: 10003
  itemsadder:amethyst_chest: 10004
  itemsadder:emerald_chest: 10005
  itemsadder:obsidian_chest: 10006
  itemsadder:mysterious_chest: 10007
  itemsadder:bronze_chest: 10008

The number behind the name is the model IDD. Now navigate to


and open the "temperature.yml". Under "custom" you can now add your item or armor. So as an example we now use the armor, more precisely, the chestplate of the Ruby armor:

      enabled: true
      material: LEATHER_CHESTPLATE
      custom-model-data: 10000
      use-custom-model-data: true
      temperature-modifier: 10
        wearing: true
        holding: false

Save the config and reload RealisticSeasons (/rs reload). Now look for your item under /ia and you're done!

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