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Temperatures are dropping and survival is becoming a real challenge. Most plants died from the cold snow and the ones that survived can't grow. The lakes and rivers are frozen and swimming could be lethal. The water has a dark-blue colour and the trees and grass are light-grey. Surviving the long and cold nights is truly a challenge.

Quick summary

  • Winter starts on December 4 by default
  • Leaves and grass have a light-grey tint
  • The sky is a bit more white
  • Water is dark blue
  • All water source blocks without a block somewhere above them will freeze over time
  • It snows instead of rain. The actual snow texture of vanilla Minecraft is used, not particles. Snow will be removed again after the season
  • Nights will be long (around 13min) and days will be short (around 7 min). See day and night length
  • Wolves, white foxes, polar bears and snowmen (without pumpkin) can be found everywhere
  • Strays will spawn instead of skeletons
  • There's a 20% chance every night that the sky will be filled with white sparks
  • Crops/plants will not grow if they don’t have a block (somewhere) above them. This forces players to build indoor farms if they want to grow crops in the winter.
  • Average temperature will be between -10°C-5°C, depending on the biome
  • Players will have to protect themselves against the cold temperatures. Here is explained how they can