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The days become shorter and the sun loses its strength. Trees turn into beautiful colours and the ground and water become muddy. The sky is dark and it feels like a storm could break loose any minute. Foxes, mooshrooms, frogs, bats and (cave)spiders start appearing around the world. Forests have never been so beautiful.

Quick summary

  • Autumn/Fall starts on September 4 by default, see calendar system​
  • Trees turn into all kinds of colours: orange, blue, green, yellow and brown.
  • Grass has a light-brown muddy colour
  • The sky has a grey colour
  • Water is brown and looks muddy
  • Big patches of mushrooms appear
  • It will rain and storm very often
  • Small (falling leaf) particles will appear under trees.
  • Bats spawn above ground at night
  • Mooshrooms, frogs and foxes appear everywhere
  • Extra spiders can be found at night and sometimes even cave spiders
  • The average temperature will be between 5°C-25°C, depending on the biome
  • Mobs have a 20% chance to spawn with a pumpkin on their head
  • Day and night length are mostly equal, see day and night length​
  • Berry bushes generated by summer are removed